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It seems to me that Cliven Bundy’s plight is a symptom of a 100+ year long effective ‘religious pathology’ that increasingly infects America. This ‘pathology’ stems from the fact that the pulpits of America made America, and conversely, the pulpits of America are now destroying America. This is something even agnostics and atheists have a stake in as the negligence from America’s pulpits equally endangers their inalienable-rights as well as people of faith.

Today’s Christianity has been emasculated by the editing of God's Word through omission. The cause of America's deconstruction today lies in the same spheres of authority that in pre-1900's America caused prosperity by catalyzing the revolution against British tyrants, the end slavery, true ‘free trade,’ and that contained moral-relativism which is known to destroy nations. I would guess that over 95% of America’s pulpits no longer admonish their congregations of their obligation to fearlessly yet lovingly represent their God in society and government to the extent that evil doers are displaced. This has created a 'God-void' in society and government. And as all voids in God's natural world are eventually filled with something, this 'God-void' has been filled with lucifer and his useful-pawns who rabidly hate that which God loves – especially that which is created in God’s likeness. In this evil vein, God given inalienable-rights as recognized by America’s constitution necessarily must be rendered unusable by ‘enlightened-humanists’ whose addiction to self-glorification rivals the worst possible crack-based drug addiction. Not to demean crack-addicts who are chemistry driven, it should be noted that unlike those stealing away our inalienable-rights, crack-addicts are unlikely engage in sociopathic behavior as part of an addiction to amass power at the expense of others.

The pawns of constitutional-deconstructionists who terrorize Cliven Bundy are symptoms of the disease that infects the pulpits of America. Pulpits from which flames once emanated that enflamed the hearts of men with righteous indignation. Righteous indignation that manifested into a preservation of God given inalienable-rights by preserving, protecting, and defending the constitution. Unless people of faith unrelentingly work to wake up their shepherds to the fact that their increasingly 'feel-good' teachings and homilies over the past 100 years have been enabling evil to amass in America by editing God’s Word to omit the obligation to lovingly oppose societal and political evils, then nothing can save America. Today's pastors, priests, bishops and cardinals are creating happy sheep on their way to the slaughter - with future generations in-toe, and in direct conflict with biblical principals. Those of inaction who enable the silence from the pulpits of America in exchange for an amicable relationship with church leadership are assisting America in committing national-suicide.

Ezekiel 3:18 provides the basis for the claim that “we participate in the evils we have knowledge of yet do not oppose - for which God will hold us accountable.” Ezekiel 3:18 - "If, when I say to the wicked, Thou shalt surely die: thou declare it not to him, nor speak to him, that he may be converted from his wicked way, and live: the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at thy hand."

Since the beginning of the 1900’s Christians have transitioned from ‘representing God in ALL THINGS including society and government,’ to ‘experiencing Christ and the Holy Spirit’. And, with church leadership effectively handing out ‘GET OUT OF HELL FREE CARDS’ as if faith without works is not dead, and a ‘pre-tribulation rapture’ assuring there is no consequence to not opposing evil, God has become an ‘almighty bell-boy’ whose job it is to reward negligence with heaven. Proclamations of ‘spiritual authority’ by church leadership is used to maintain a 'go along to get along' relationship between shepherds and sheep, as the ears of the sheep are tickled while the wolves gather to consume the flock. Those attempting to respectfully awaken the shepherds are labeled as ‘causing division in the church,’ misrepresented, and pressured to return to silence to maintain of the feel-good status-quo. Lost is the goal of church leadership that includes ensuring members of their flock do NOT stand in front of God one day giving an account how their inaction allowed the deconstruction of the blessing of America's society, government, and churches, which were then replaced with systems of governance that brought tyranny upon their your own children and grandchildren.

I doubt the life of a man can glorify God unless it include a level of fear and love of God that overwhelms their fear of conflict with those stealing away God given inalienable-rights from their own children. Unless the sheep wake up their shepherds to their obligation to reignited the fire from the pulpits needed to enflame the hearts of men with loving yet righteous indignation, there is likely to be many more Cliven Bundy type victims as the original-intent of America’s amended constitution is increasingly deconstructed.

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